Mission & Intention

Mission & Intention

D.O.B provides a platform for brands, information and new ideas, a community connecting like-minded partners, people and experts.  We will introduce smaller brands with original designs that are crafted by artisans and produced responsibly, and share giveback stories that show you the impact of your support. Our podcast brings you in-depth information and conversation with industry innovators and our blog has articles that question and comment on the current state of our world.  Our social pages update you on product drops, news and behind the scenes.  We hope you will share what you know and we expect to learn from you, too.

Do the clothes in your closet reflect your core values? 

Each of us can make a difference.  If you want to help drive meaningful change, we encourage you to vote with your dollar. When you shop on D.O.B, you support our brands, who in turn do more great things for people and the planet.

Together, we can get there faster!

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