FOXYLAB NY is a creative laboratory founded & led by Oxana De Castro, which aims at blurring the boundaries between art and fashion by turning artists' work into something to wear. The works are transposed on ready-to-wear textures with streetwear inspiration. Sweatshirts, t-shirts and other must-have clothing, designed as genderless pieces with relaxed and oversized lines, enriched by the artwork of the talent called to collaborate.

Aware of the enormous environmental impact of the fashion industry, FOXYLAB NY embraces sustainability through up-cycled clothing, giving new life to vintage garments, for one of a kind limited edition creations. Blending luxury, quality & fashion with recognizable street art, De Castro prioritizes quality over quantity with the environment always front of mind in her work.

FOXYLAB NY gives back directly to local community, donating 10% of profits go to Kids’N’Culture, a non-profit organization that provides equal access to travel and learning to high-school student.

Learn More: Up Magazine, WSM

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