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      Meet The Brands — Clovo

      Brands with Purpose: CLOVO™

      Brands with Purpose: CLOVO™

      Founder Megan started CLOVO™ in 2018 while living through freezing Upstate NY winters. Tights were a lifeline in NY; however, she absolutely hated how they felt, sagged, ripped easily, and were incredibly itchy! To fix all these problems, she engineered EverTights™ and RevoTights™ using her background in physics and science. 

      With a background in astrogeophysics and engineering, founder Megan formed a team with a diversity of skillsets, but one with shared love for creating a better future for the Earth. Unlike most fashion companies, CLOVO core team is 100% women with science and engineering backgrounds who work to continuously make the brand more comfortable for women of all body types and more sustainable. CLOVO's tights are revolutionary; made from eco friendly Tencel™ fabric & Oeko-Tex certified dyes, last 5x longer & use 71% less plastic than traditional tights, form fitting comfortable design, soft skin friendly materials.

      CLOVO™ partners with the Cool Effect's Breath of Fresh Air project, helping fund the construction of cookstoves in rural homes in Honduras that provide clean air to families. These stoves save wood, save time, eliminate toxic smoke, and help the planet by saving miles of forests and reducing carbon emissions by about 3 tonnes per stove per year. CLOVO™  strives to provide clothing and accessories to empower women and support the environment through the creation of long-lasting designs and the use of natural materials. Their core brand values are; Sustainability, Empowerment & Inclusion, and Environmentally Conscious Design (“Science of Fashion”).

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