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      Meet The Brands — HarperSage



      HarperSage founded and led by Meghan Herman and Leah Grossart in 2019 offers versatile fashion staples inspired by their two signature personas: girly “Harper” and tomboy “Sage.” Each piece is ethically-made in a women-owned factory and designed with your duality in mind.

      The founders grew-up in the 1990’s - a time synonymous with labels for young girls like “girly” and “tomboy.” They met at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and quickly connected over the shared experience of feeling siloed into just one style (and interest, friend group, career - you name it!) Together, they unlocked a big idea that became the foundation of HarperSage: modern women are experiencing a disconnect between the clothes in her closet and the actual moments that influence her style. “Harper” inspired pieces are soft, feminine, and made for city-dwellers. “Sage” inspired pieces are strong, casual, and made for adventurers.

      Currently, they proudly produce each and every piece in Delhi, India at a SEDEX certified factory owned and operated by twin sisters, Archana and Arpana, and they have visited and worked alongside them on several occasions! They use soft, high-quality fabrics in their pieces and, where possible, source from markets near their factory to give existing fabrics new life! In 2020 alone, HarperSage used 2,500 yards of deadstock fabric in the production of their styles - a more conscious and sustainable solution to producing new fabrics.

      Learn More: HarperSage 2021 Impact Report, Kultura Mag, Cnnekt Spotlight