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      DOB Top Picks

      Our 5 Favorite Black Sweatpants To Keep You Comfortable and Warm This Holiday Season

      Our 5 Favorite Black Sweatpants To Keep You Comfortable and Warm This Holiday Season

      For almost 2 years we have ditched jeans and khakis for the super comfortable sweat pants.  A great pair of black sweatpants have become a staple in every mans wardrobe.  It’s the bottoms we put on in the morning that keeps us comfortable and warm enough to run out and grab a cup of coffee in the colder winter months and now that it’s winter is they are also usually the bottoms we put on to go to the gym or go for a jog. 


      Below are our favorite black sweatpants from brands that align with DOB’s values.

      1) Brand | calinY

      Our Pick | NFS Sweatpants

      Price | $50

      calinY is a creative streetwear brand that supports positive culture. They are huge supporters of dance, especially the litefeet movement.  you know if dancers can get their groove on in these sweats, it’s going to give you the comfort and flexibility you need when lounging around the house this winter.



      2) Brand | ONE432

      Our Pick | Sweatpants 33

      Price | $85

      At first glance you might think these are you basic black sweatpants but take a closer look and you’ll see the amazing craftsmanship that the artisans at ONE432 have put into the pant. The reverse fleece upcycled fabric, the visible pocket design and the exposed hand stitch seam gives you the high end details without the high end price tag.  With craftsmanship like this, you understand why ONE432 gives back 50% of their profits back to their artisan community that make their clothes.


      3) Brand | Everybody World

      Our Pick | 100% Sweatpants

      Made of 100% recycled cotton and ethically produced in Los Angeles, these pants are 96% bio-degradable (everything but the elastic). This ultra-comfy pant is made entirely from cotton manufacturing waste and it is the first of it’s kind on the planet so not additional cotton had to be produced to make this pant.  So you can feel good wearing these black sweatpants knowing, that they are amongst the most sustainable pants on the market. 



      4) Brand | Ten Tree

      Our Pick | Fleece Atlas Sweatpants

      Price | $68

      These pants blend TENCEL Lyocell, organic cotton and recycled polyester to create a soft and comfortable pant that looks good and is also more sustainable than most pants out there. Tentree will also plant 10 trees for every item sold, doing their part to protect the restore the environment.  



      5) Brand | KOTN

      Our Pick | Essential Sweatpant

      Price | $76

      A subtle throwback to the baggier days of fashion, these pants are relaxed in the top block but tapers below the knee giving you a great modern but retro look. Made of 100% cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative and ethically made in Portugal.  These pants were heavily brushed to give you that extra comfort and will get softer with every wash.  





      5 Tips To Buying The Right Size In A Unisex T-Shirt

      5 Tips To Buying The Right Size In A Unisex T-Shirt

      It’s exciting to see the fashion world getting closer to genderless apparel.  For a long time it’s been pretty common for women to wear men’s clothes, ie. The Boy Friend Jean, but now we are seeing cis-males wear clothes that have typically been worn by women.  Harry Styles, Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi all wore dresses in the last 6 months and it’s refreshing to see.  Today, we are going to go back to where it all started, the unisex t-shirt, and talk about tips on buying the right size in a unisex t-shirt, that could apply to other genderless items.  Here are our 5 tips when buying a unisex t-shirt.


      1) Was it designed initially for a man or woman? Typically, when something says “unisex” it usually means it was sized for a man and women should size down a size to adjust to that, but this isn’t always the case with all unisex items.  The brand should make the customer aware of how the garment was designed so the customer knows how to adjust their sizing.

      2) What size is the model wearing? Brands today should include pictures of the item on models, savvy brands include what size the model is wearing and some basic measurements of that model.  A shopper should pay attention to this to get a relative idea of what size they should buy for themselves.

      3) Look for a sizing chart. Returns are one of the biggest expenses for brands, so more and more brands are including a sizing chart.  You’ll want to understand your own measurements to make sure to order the right size. 

      4) Is the item pre-washed? T-shirts are made of cotton and if they aren’t prewashed there is a good chance it could shrink a bit when you wash it.  Understanding this is going to be key in ordering the right size.  If an item is prewashed you should expect the item to fit similarly after the first wash, if it isn’t you should expect it to lose a little length (1/4-1/2””) and be tighter around the body and arms.  Look for tips from the brand on if you should size up or buy your normal size.

      5) Look for customer reviews. The most unbiased feedback you can get is from a customer who bought the item.  Most companies use a customer review application that they add to their website and most of them now have some type of sizing feedback from the brand.  This will likely be one of the most important pieces of information you can get that will help you with finding your right size in a Unisex T-Shirt.

      Best Track Suits For Men

      Best Track Suits For Men

      Best Track Suits For Men, Style & Comfort All In One.

      The tracksuit has become a catwalk mainstay. The tracksuit is here to stay, whether it’s hooded, shell, nylon or fleece, offering comfort and the ability to dress it up or down and rock out in comfort.

      Here are our top picks you can buy right now to lounge in style and comfort.


      Brand | calinY

      Materials | 100% Polyester

      Our Pick | Legendary Track Suit (multiple colors)

      Price | $65

      Our newest track jacket features oversized argyle and contrasting logo embroidery for a premium, street-ready fit. Get the matching pants for the entire suit!



      Brand | ONE432

      Materials | Upcycled Cotton

      Our Pick | Delano Track (multiple colors)

      Price | $85

      Keeps you cosy throughout the year, whether lounging at home or layering for outdoors. Conscientiously upcycled from production waste of large scale factories. 



      Brand | ONE432

      Materials | Upcycled Cotton

      Our Pick | 33 Track (multiple colors)

      Price | $78

      "33"  Track Suit is designed to be extremely universal in its fit by removing the traditional armhole and shoulder seams. 3 engineered darts on the sleeve, highlighted by ONE432's signature embroidered red crosses, contour the "33" to seamlessly flow with your movement.


      Best Bucket Hats For Men & Women 2021

      Best Bucket Hats For Men & Women 2021

      We Love These Bucket Hats For Men & Women

      A bucket hat conveys a relaxed and chill vibe and has a nice sense of style, ease, and cool. The silhouette is a little loose and limber, and its comfortable and not stiff, like if you were wearing a baseball cap, fedora, or a Panama hat.

      The flexible structure, easygoing aesthetic, and vast range of colors, prints, and textures also allow the wearer to create their own individual statement.

      A nostalgic look back at the bucket hat icons of decades past really does run the gamut of individual style and creative talents. Late-'80s hip-hop legends Run-DMC, the white cotton canvas classic of author and founder of the '70s gonzo journalism movement Hunter S. Thompson, and, of course, all the floppy and floral-accented toppers worn by Mayim Bialik in Blossom, which ran from 1990 to 1995.


      bucket hat harpersage

      Brand | HarperSage

      Materials | 100% Cotton

      Our Pick | Navy Sage Bucket Hat

      Price | $32

      The 90’s called, and they approved this upgraded bucket hat. Fit to perfection, this hat features an embroidered color trio on the brim. If you’ve been sleeping on this trend, now’s the time to try it!



      caliny bucket hat

      Brand | calinY

      Materials | 100% cotton

      Our Pick | calinY Bucket Hat

      Price | $40

      calinY's classic bucket remixed with a unique powder blue terrycloth finish!




      Our Favorite Black Sweatshirts

      Our Favorite Black Sweatshirts

      Prior to the pandemic most people were already starting to dress more casually.  T-shirts and hoodies were a growing staple in almost every wardrobe, regardless of your typical fashion aesthetic.  What the pandemic did was help make it more acceptable in the workplace.  There was an understanding across most companies that when we took a zoom meeting the word “casual” in “business casual” took center stage.  As we start to come out of the pandemic and get back into the workplace, most employees are trying to hold on to this new definition of business casual. 


      One easy place I started to make the change was instead of wearing sweaters, I started wearing nice sweatshirts.  I’m not talking your typical Champion or Russel athletic sweatshirt that you might see someone wear to the gym, I’m referring to the new elevated sweatshirts that fashion brands are redefining into an everyday fashion staple.  Making it easier to transition these sweatshirts into the workplace, most brands are creating darker colors that make them not look so casual. 


      Here are our 5 favorite black sweatshirts for men and women:

      1) Sweatshirt 33

      Brand | ONE432   

      Price | $69

      Looking for something simple but elevated?  This is the black sweatshirt for you.  It has a very subtle exposed stitch detail which on other colors of this style is contrast stitched but on this black version it is black on black making it one of those things that people will really appreciate when they look at the detail of this item.  Fabric is conscientiously upcycled from production waste of large-scale factories. 


      2) Sweatshirt ONE

      Brand | ONE432   

      Price | $85

      Looking for black sweatshirt that stands out just a little bit more?  This is the ONE (pun intended) for you.  This was the ONE432 signature ONE embroidered on the front.  Again with the black on black embroidery so it is subtle but noticeable. Fabric is conscientiously upcycled from production waste of large-scale factories. 


      3) Sweatshirt Manju

      Brand | ONE432   

      Price | $115

      Love ONE432 but looking for something less subtle?  The Manju is the black sweatshirt for you.  At its core it’s still a black sweatshirt but it has amazing details you won’t miss.  From the embroidered heart and safety pin to the contrast stitch details at the seams, this is the statement piece you were looking for. Fabric is conscientiously upcycled from production waste of large-scale factories. 



      Brand | Foxylab New York

      Price | $90

      If simple and organic is more you speed.  This black fleece pullover from Foxylab New York is the piece for you.  I believe fit is just as important as design and the fit of this black sweatshirt is amazing!




      5) Crew Neck Scuba Pullover

      Brand | Foxylab New York

      Price | $160

      Looking for something that isn’t fleece but still elevated and keeps you warm during fall?  This Scuba Pullover is perfect.  70% organic Cotton and 30% scuba fabric, giving that interesting smooth and soft hand feel.  This pullover is different in a great way!