5 Best Cotton T-Shirts For Men

5 Best Cotton T-Shirts For Men

Our Top T-Shirts To Layer Up & Dress Up Or Dress Down & Lounge.

We love a well made and comfortable cotton t-shirt. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite staple tees that are modern and functional with any outfit. Whether you’re dressing up, or dressing down to keep it casual, here are 5 essential tees you’ll want to wear no matter the season.


Brand | Foxy Lab

Materials | 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex

Our Pick | Red Stitch White T-Shirt (multiple colors)

Price | $80

Minimalist design for everyday wardrobe. It’s cut from a premium cotton jersey, contrasting red stitches on the sleeves and hem for a contemporary look.



Brand | ONE432

Materials | Sustainable Upcycled 100% Cotton

Our Pick | Parcham T-Shirt (multiple colors)

Price | $48

The "Parcham" Tee (Pashto/Persian: meaning "Banner" or "Flag") is an homage to the memories of Retro Pakistan and a celebration of multicultural identity. We are loving the juxtaposition of the iconic seventies stripes in sepia colorways revived through nineties streetwear silhouettes.


Brand | Vustra

Materials | 100% Certified Organic Cotton

Our Pick | Wave Graphic T-Shirt

Price | $42

Invite a hint of the ocean with this 'Wave' print, pair it with your favorite shorts, chinos or denim. It’s made with 100% certified organic cotton which makes it super breathable and soft to the touch.


Brand | Yema

Materials | 100% Cotton

Our Pick | Jakobunfda T-Shirt

Price | $150

Each piece is a handmade one of a kind limited addition! YEMA is embroidered on the chest with product/serial number embroidered on the back. This is a one of a kind multi color statement piece when a basic t-shirt just won't do.


Brand | calinY

Materials | Heavy Weight Cotton

Our Pick | SWYP x calinY T-Shirt (multiple colors)

Price | $40

calinY collaboration tee features Aries & Taz, a New York duo who "hit" on the city subway trains and SWYP (Show What You Possess) for enthusiasts from all over the world.

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