Our Best T-shirt Dresses

Our Best T-shirt Dresses

It’s a T-shirt…it’s a dress…NO it’s a T-shirt Dress.  While we were all stuck in our homes last year with no place fancy to go, most of us never thought of putting anything on that had to be ironed or steamed. Comfort was the name of the game during the pandemic and most of us were in t-shirts almost exclusively.  So it makes sense that the t-shirt dress is trending right now on Social Media.  T-shirt dresses for women are obviously comfortable but are also very versatile, slap a belt on one to dress it up a little bit, wear them with a pair of jeans to make it look more like an oversized t-shirt, almost anything goes with t-shirt dresses for women, as long as you are comfy.

At DOB we love when our clothes do more.  Wouldn’t it be great if the shirt you bought was better for the environment?  Or helped put kids through school?  We think so, so here are our Best T-shirt Dresses for women that do more (in no particular order):


1) Naughties T-Shirt Dress (7 colors)

Brand | ONE432

Price | $55

This great dress comes in a plethora of color ways (7) so you are going to find a color that you look fabulous in.  Don’t miss the stitch details on the shoulder that really makes this t-shirt dress feel different.  What really makes this t-shirt dress different than any other, is 50% of the profits goes back to the artisans that hand crafted this beautiful dress.


2) Captain Giraffe T-Shirt Dress

Brand | Yema 

Price | $100

We love this Lailbela Colorway along with the fun Giraffe graphic.  Why a Giraffe because they have the biggest hearts in the African Animal Kingdom, just like Yema, because when you buy this dress 20% of the sales helps put orphaned children to school in Kenya and Ethiopia.  



3) T-Shirt Dress

Brand | Foxylab New York

Price | $90

This pink dress is so comfortable the organic cotton used to create it feels great against your skin and knowing it is ecofriendly can put your mind at ease.  We love the small details, like a slightly longer back tail giving the dress a different look than other t-shirt dresses and the log on the back shoulder giving it a little edge the dress.


4) Crew Neck Sweatshirt Dress (2 colors)

Brand | Foxylab New York

Price | $120

Need something a bit warmer for the fall, try this great sweatshirt dress that comes in 2 great colors (grey and black).  Add Clovo leggings if you need extra warmth for your legs.  Foxylab New York supports local artists by collaborating on fashion pieces and donating to local art programs.  


5) Organic Cotton Patch Dress (3 colors)

Brand | Backbeat Co.

Price | $88

This shirt dress has pockets, should we stop there?  NO?  Well we love the length and the comfort of this shirt dress by Back Beat Co.  And it’s made from 90% organic cotton and 10% hemp and comes in 3 amazing fall colors. 




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