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      DOB Top Picks

      5 Best Cotton T-Shirts For Men

      5 Best Cotton T-Shirts For Men

      Our Top T-Shirts To Layer Up & Dress Up Or Dress Down & Lounge.

      We love a well made and comfortable cotton t-shirt. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite staple tees that are modern and functional with any outfit. Whether you’re dressing up, or dressing down to keep it casual, here are 5 essential tees you’ll want to wear no matter the season.


      Brand | Foxy Lab

      Materials | 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex

      Our Pick | Red Stitch White T-Shirt (multiple colors)

      Price | $80

      Minimalist design for everyday wardrobe. It’s cut from a premium cotton jersey, contrasting red stitches on the sleeves and hem for a contemporary look.



      Brand | ONE432

      Materials | Sustainable Upcycled 100% Cotton

      Our Pick | Parcham T-Shirt (multiple colors)

      Price | $48

      The "Parcham" Tee (Pashto/Persian: meaning "Banner" or "Flag") is an homage to the memories of Retro Pakistan and a celebration of multicultural identity. We are loving the juxtaposition of the iconic seventies stripes in sepia colorways revived through nineties streetwear silhouettes.


      Brand | Vustra

      Materials | 100% Certified Organic Cotton

      Our Pick | Wave Graphic T-Shirt

      Price | $42

      Invite a hint of the ocean with this 'Wave' print, pair it with your favorite shorts, chinos or denim. It’s made with 100% certified organic cotton which makes it super breathable and soft to the touch.


      Brand | Yema

      Materials | 100% Cotton

      Our Pick | Jakobunfda T-Shirt

      Price | $150

      Each piece is a handmade one of a kind limited addition! YEMA is embroidered on the chest with product/serial number embroidered on the back. This is a one of a kind multi color statement piece when a basic t-shirt just won't do.


      Brand | calinY

      Materials | Heavy Weight Cotton

      Our Pick | SWYP x calinY T-Shirt (multiple colors)

      Price | $40

      calinY collaboration tee features Aries & Taz, a New York duo who "hit" on the city subway trains and SWYP (Show What You Possess) for enthusiasts from all over the world.

      Our Best T-shirt Dresses

      Our Best T-shirt Dresses

      It’s a T-shirt…it’s a dress…NO it’s a T-shirt Dress.  While we were all stuck in our homes last year with no place fancy to go, most of us never thought of putting anything on that had to be ironed or steamed. Comfort was the name of the game during the pandemic and most of us were in t-shirts almost exclusively.  So it makes sense that the t-shirt dress is trending right now on Social Media.  T-shirt dresses for women are obviously comfortable but are also very versatile, slap a belt on one to dress it up a little bit, wear them with a pair of jeans to make it look more like an oversized t-shirt, almost anything goes with t-shirt dresses for women, as long as you are comfy.

      At DOB we love when our clothes do more.  Wouldn’t it be great if the shirt you bought was better for the environment?  Or helped put kids through school?  We think so, so here are our Best T-shirt Dresses for women that do more (in no particular order):


      1) Naughties T-Shirt Dress (7 colors)

      Brand | ONE432

      Price | $55

      This great dress comes in a plethora of color ways (7) so you are going to find a color that you look fabulous in.  Don’t miss the stitch details on the shoulder that really makes this t-shirt dress feel different.  What really makes this t-shirt dress different than any other, is 50% of the profits goes back to the artisans that hand crafted this beautiful dress.


      2) Captain Giraffe T-Shirt Dress

      Brand | Yema 

      Price | $100

      We love this Lailbela Colorway along with the fun Giraffe graphic.  Why a Giraffe because they have the biggest hearts in the African Animal Kingdom, just like Yema, because when you buy this dress 20% of the sales helps put orphaned children to school in Kenya and Ethiopia.  



      3) T-Shirt Dress

      Brand | Foxylab New York

      Price | $90

      This pink dress is so comfortable the organic cotton used to create it feels great against your skin and knowing it is ecofriendly can put your mind at ease.  We love the small details, like a slightly longer back tail giving the dress a different look than other t-shirt dresses and the log on the back shoulder giving it a little edge the dress.


      4) Crew Neck Sweatshirt Dress (2 colors)

      Brand | Foxylab New York

      Price | $120

      Need something a bit warmer for the fall, try this great sweatshirt dress that comes in 2 great colors (grey and black).  Add Clovo leggings if you need extra warmth for your legs.  Foxylab New York supports local artists by collaborating on fashion pieces and donating to local art programs.  


      5) Organic Cotton Patch Dress (3 colors)

      Brand | Backbeat Co.

      Price | $88

      This shirt dress has pockets, should we stop there?  NO?  Well we love the length and the comfort of this shirt dress by Back Beat Co.  And it’s made from 90% organic cotton and 10% hemp and comes in 3 amazing fall colors. 




      Our favorite Unisex T-Shirt

      Our favorite Unisex T-Shirt

      Looking back at this pandemic I think 2 interesting fashion trends occurred that were a direct result of the pandemic, conscious consumerism and comfortable fashion.  

      I think when most of us hit our midlife crisis we start to ask ourselves these really deep questions about our place in the world or do our lives have any meaning.  Maybe it was the worldwide fear of getting covid but most people asked themselves these same questions during the pandemic.  Yes, this led to a lot of people changing their careers to something more meaningful to them, but it also led to people being more conscious about their spending habits.  I know for myself, I significantly reduced shopping big brand fashion and started spending my money with smaller companies that had more of a purpose over profit mentality.  It’s very common now for smaller brands to donate to causes they believe in and what’s even more common are brands being more focused on ethical and sustainable supply chains.  New start up brands know that they need to be more transparent about their production processes and if they aren’t customers will vote with their dollar and shop elsewhere. 

      In addition to this big movement to conscious consumerism, the other big trend was comfortable fashion.  Most of us woke up during the early days of the pandemic, and were immediately on the clock.  This means we got used to working in our pajamas.  I read that 111% of people in the US wore PJ bottoms on at least 1 zoom call during the pandemic, ok that stat is fake, but whatever the number is, I’m sure it’s super high.  

      Bottom line is, we all got used to being comfortable and caring how our money is spent.  Which leads me to the point of this article, our favorite unisex t-shirt.  As you guessed it our recommendation is going to be “more” than just a t-shirt, yes it will look great but it will also be more sustainable and ethical than your basic tee and the company who made this shirt is going to care about something really important.  If you are going to buy on t-shirt this year, make sure to buy this unisex t-shirt.


      Brand | ONE432

      Our Pick | Naughties Tee 33 (multiple colors available)

      Price | $38

      Although the colors are solid, this is no “basic” tee.  It has a scallop edge bottom with a slightly longer back then front giving it a bit of that 90’s fishtail look.  Also, it has a single back seam instead of the common 2 side seams, this allows your arms to be more free and more comfortable.  Lastly, it has a very cool exposed stitch on the shoulder that gives the shirt just a little of that elevated touch that ONE432 brings on all of the pieces.  This shirt is great for men and women, women will just want to size down 1 size.  If you need a great new shirt, definitely but this unisex t-shirt, you can't go wrong. 


      Most importantly, this tee is made from upcycled fabric, so NO new cotton was needed to create this shirt AND ONE432 does a 50% profit share on all of their products with the artisans who made their clothes.  So the people who made your exact shirt are going to make money from your sale.    ONE432 is disrupting the industry in Pakistan and they are showing fashion brands around the world that you can run a very profitable business and still pay your factory workers a great wage.  


      Best Women's & Men's Sweatpants For Working From Home

      Best Women's & Men's Sweatpants For Working From Home

      Top Men's and Women's Black & Grey Sweatpants - Look & Feel Great While Working From Home

      We have all said goodbye to our formal workwear and leaned into the loungewear, informal and athleisure trend. Are you excited about at-home fashion too? We rounded up our favorite sweatpants that will have you looking and feeling great. Perfect for those video conference call days and your netflix nights. Dress them up or lounge in them all day, we have versatile sweatpants, track pants and jogger options for you.

      These top picks combine style and comfort with quality fabrics and ethical practices & principles. Black and grey sweatpants are easy to mix and match plus there are many other colors to choose from in these great styles. Many use organic, recycled, or responsibly sourced materials, and some offer inclusive sizing and collections for all genders and ages. Best of all, these companies prioritize longevity and quality, meaning less waste.


      Brand | ONE432

      Materials | Sustainable Upcycled French Terry

      Our Pick | Sweatpant 33 (multiple colors)

      Price | $85

      Hand stitched construction details showcase ONE432 signature "Twill & Cross" hand embroidery. Seams are meticulously reinforced and double bound with a contrast cotton tape, ensuring durability & luxury. The versatile weight keeps you cozy throughout the year, lounging at home or layering for outdoors. The Cotton French terry cloth is conscientiously upcycled from production waste of large scale factories.

      Brand | calinY

      Materials | Cotton Soft Fleece

      Our Pick | NFS Sweatpants (multiple colors)

      Price | $50

      cainY black sweatpants with quality detailing and construction with calinY embroidered logo on bottom front of right leg, full calinY logo print on back of left leg.and on-seam black soft and warm faux fur side pockets. Unisex sweatpant, product designed to be worn by everyone. Rep CA or NY and support a truly local brand while you are at it!


      Brand | calinY

      Materials | polyester

      Our Pick | Legendary Track Pant (multiple colors)

      Starting At | $55

      caliny track pants features oversized argyle and contrasting logo embroidery for a premium, street-ready fit. Comfortable fit with unique features; Stand up collar, Long sleeves with ribbed cuff and hem, "legendary stuff." embroidered in trademark calinY script, and Side welt pockets


      Brand | Yema

      Materials | Tricot Polyester

      Our Pick | GJH Track Pants (also in black)

      Starting At | $100

      Our Good Joyful Human track pants are a must have. The Human circle is colored green signifying growth. The side piece adds breathability to the pants and the motif is full of love. Tapered and comfortable fit, versatile style.

      Best Women's Sustainable Hoodies 2021

      Best Women's Sustainable Hoodies 2021

      Top sustainable women’s hoodies for this Fall & Holiday Season

      Just toss on one of these hoodies and bask in fashionable comfort.
      Those who can work from home are fortunate but it has made our daily attire very casual. If you're going to wear sweatpants, hoodies, and tees every day, why not buy ones with soft fabrics, great design and principles that make you look great & feel even better?



      Brand | ONE432

      Materials | Sustainable upcycled cotton 

      Our Pick | Zalazla Zip Up Hoodie (multiple colors available)

      Price | $90

      is a versatile zipper jacket version in a tailored fit while accentuating our signature hand embroidery accents throughout the sleeves and hood center. "Zalzala" is the word for Earthquake in Urdu, which inspired the zigzag "twill" hand embroidery for this bold piece.


      Brand | Foxy Lab

      Materials | Sustainable 100% organic fleece cotton

      Our Pick | Fleece  Hoodie (multiple colors available)

      Price | $150

      Everyone needs this unisex hoodie, super cumfy with an oversized hood in a beautiful orange (comes in other great colors). Made from 100% organic fabric this can be a statement basic you can dress up or down.


      Brand | HarperSage

      Materials | soft french terry upcycled cotton

      Our Pick | Take it easy hoodie

      Price | $72

      Always on the go and need to just chill for a minute? This super soft french terry hoodie so you can take it easy for a change. This most-loved hoodie has a two-way kangaroo pocket on the front for your essentials and ultra-comfy rib knit sleeves. The best part? HarperSage made it long enough to give you coverage when wearing leggings.


      Brand | Foxy Lab

      Materials | Sustainable 100% organic fleece cotton

      Our Pick | Awaken Hoodie Edward Acosta Hoodie

      Price | $250

      Each piece is a handmade one of a kind limited addition by the artist Edward Acosta. Foxy logo is embroidered on the left chest. This is a one of a kind sustainable fleece hoodie statement piece for your wardrobe.


      Brand | ONE432

      Materials | Sustainable upcycled cotton

      Our Pick | Delano Hoodie (multiple colors available)

      Price | $85

      Hand Stitched Seams help accentuate all construction details using our signature red "Twill & Cross" hand embroidery. All inside seams are meticulously reinforced to ensuring durability with luxury.