Can America & Sustainability Co-Exist?

Can America & Sustainability Co-Exist?

It’s Time for Sustainable Fashion to Become an American Staple

By Beth Hoad

What is sustainable fashion? Should I be buying it, should I be an advocate for it or am I already involved?  Let’s break it down; sustainable fashion is a more environmentally friendly method to designing, manufacturing and consuming clothes, all while preserving the planet and without compromising the needs of future generations. That may seem simple enough, but it goes much deeper into the fabrics we choose, environmental reasoning and the working conditions garment workers are put under to produce these clothes. With nations around the world being at the forefront of sustainable fashion, why is the U.S a leading contributor to fashion consumerism falling behind. 

Countries such as Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand are not only benefiting from the switch to sustainable fashion but are redefining environmental activism and initiatives along the way. Over the years, the European market for sustainable fashion has risen. The widespread concern and awareness from consumers mean industry retailers, businesses and governments have to change and adapt their practice in order to flourish in the fashion industry and economy. 

So, why are U.S consumers not as engaged with sustainable fashion? Is the ability to buy sustainable fashion in the U.S. limited to wealthy consumers? Is it a lack of information that produces an apathetic attitude of “I dont care”?  With little awareness and belief in the larger environmental crisis, Americans may choose to think more with their wallets. If consumers have no initiative to switch to sustainable practices why would big business willingly make the change? Its time for customers to start voting intentionally with their dollars for the positive changes they want to achieve in the world.

If you want to make the switch to sustainable fashion you can begin by “Buying Better and Buying Less”. Shop brands that have a positive purpose, and you will quickly discover the benefits they offer our society. It’s understandable that not everyone can afford sustainable fashion, but we as consumers do have the power of choice and opinion.  My favorite sustainable hoodie is a staple in my capsule collection. I inform people about the company, with the hope that my purchases can impact others’ sustainable purchases in the future. Remember, small changes add up to an impactful difference.

D.O.B believes by supporting sustainable fashion, we are helping to reinvent a fashion industry that respects our planet and is inclusive of all people. D.O.B is committed to joining with you in a journey of awareness as we build and evolve our community of sustainable brands.

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