Ethical Fashion Do’s & Don’ts: Sustainable Denim

Ethical Fashion Do’s & Don’ts: Sustainable Denim

Spruce up Your Wardrobe with These Sustainable Denim Fits 

By Yashashree Samant 

Supporting ethical fashion has never looked so good. Every wardrobe has its staples depending on the style of the individual. But there's always a piece that can be found in abundance from streets to runways, no matter what season, city, or household the wearer comes from. That piece is none other than Denim. Jackets, Jeans, Shorts, Dresses or even Overalls. What started off as a sturdy fabric worn by blue collar laborers soon made its way to the fashion ramps, Hollywood, back to the streets, and into our backyards. 

Good sustainable denim makes a strong ethical fashion statement, but keep in mind poor quality denim can often be overlooked. Over the years Denim has become one of the most polluting categories in the fashion industry. The excessive cotton farming, harmful chemicals and dyes used for coloring, excessive water usage, and unethical production practices in units of high fashion stores are all responsible for giving this household favorite garment a bad name. 

There have been several brands through the years which have stood for sustainability and are making denim fashionable, functional, and fully ethical. D.O.B wants to shed light on a few here while also getting you to understand what to look for in your next pair of jeans. 

Insane Gene - This brand was started by a working mom who understands the importance of a classy and well fitted pair of jeans. She also knows that several big firms knowingly or unknowingly use child labor in developing countries to get their denim made. With Insane Gene, she has developed a brand that answers to your style needs without getting you to compromise on the ethics. Insane Gene not only values fair wages, treating employees with respect, and being sustainable; but also, pays the goodwill forward to charities helping young children. 

Boyish - This California-based brand has committed to producing all of their products ethically and environmentally friendly. They have pledged to plant a tree for every Denim purchased. As a company, they’re earth-conscious, making sure that the fabric is sourced ethically and is ecologically safe, and their textile safety is also verified by Oeko-Tex, a high industry standard. They swapped out the chemicals for plant-based dye and actively recycled water to make sure there are no toxins that get back to fresh water streams. But they didn’t stop there, Boyish also gives you the option of buying pre-worn denims to give them a second life. 

Outland Denim - Outland Denim was founded on the core philosophy of helping women who have been trafficked to be able to get back on their feet. They’ve toiled to ensure this is a sustainable career path and forms a foundation for social change. So far, 750 people have benefited from stable employment with Outland Denim in Cambodia. A regular denim pair is made with approximately 1800 gallons of water, but Outland Denim has sourced organic cotton to reduce the water waste by 90%. They have also partnered with universities and governments to fund research that enables minimum waste of resources for denim production. 

Remember, your voice is your dollar. Making ethical and sustainable fashion choices lets our voices be heardAlong with the likes of Insane Gene, Boyish and Outland Denim, D.O.B supports all those with a similar ethical mission statement of creating a sustainable fashion industry.  Now’s the time to let sustainable denim reclaim its place in your heart and wardrobe guilt-free. 

D.O.B. commits to introducing you to brands who meet high ethical and sustainable standards, and to question and share insight into how these standards are evolving and what we all can do to shape a better future. 

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