Giving Tuesdays: Ecosia

Giving Tuesdays: Ecosia

Giving Tuesday Redefined.
Highlighting non-profit organizations doing great things.

Giving back can take many forms. It can be through direct donation to non-profit organizations that are making a real impact. And it can also be indirect through supporting businesses that have giving back incorporated into their business models. By supporting these businesses you are supporting the causes they in turn contribute to. We think of this as “sustainable philanthropy” and it’s a big part of what DOB is all about.

This month we want to raise the awareness for Ecosia, a business that shares similar values to DOB. Ecosia, is a search engine that has giving back & sustainability baked into their business model.

Ecosia is a search engine based in Berlin, Germany. It donates 80% of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation. It considers itself a social business, is CO₂-negative and supports full financial transparency. Ecosia has planted 150 million trees to date and by using the search engine we can all help plant many more!

Every month we’ll continue to highlight and donate to non-profit organizations that are in service to DOB’s three core principles; sustainable, inclusive, local.

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