How Sustainable and Ethical Clothing is Helping to Save Our Planet

How Sustainable and Ethical Clothing is Helping to Save Our Planet

Protect Our Planet: Sustainable & Ethically Sourced Clothing

By Beth Hoad

Earth day has come and gone, and just like fashion week, some trends fade, while others last a lifetime. 

I’m sure we all have some sort of idea about the impact the fashion industry has on Earth. From the burning of fossil fuels, the use of synthetic fibers, to increased levels of toxic runoff, the manufacturing and disposal processes are contributing to our environmental downfall. I often wonder, how have fossil fuels made their way into my closets, when I try so hard to keep them out. But from overflowing landfills, to mass incinerations, the effects of fast fashion can be seen globally. It’s time for fast fashion to step aside and make room for slow fashion, the sustainable, ethical and inclusive sibling. 

Saving the planet is a big job, but I know we’re up for it. Collectively and with repetitive action progress can be made and we can right some of the wrong. Today there are so many brands, big or small, who at the core believe in sustainability and ethically sourced materials. Initiatives created by the founders of Patagonia, such as 1% for the Planet, who pledge 1% of sales to protecting the natural environment. This pledge not only encourages fashion brands to join the fight for this planet, but is inclusive to all business owners. 

Textile waste is severely damaging the world around us. Repurposing and recycling cotton is cultivating an industry that’s contributing to saving the planet. Utilizing waste is the approach Everybody.World has adopted, and by “pushing the boundaries of textile sustainability”, they’re “eliminating the need for additional pesticides, water, energy and soil”. As consumers, when we consciously choose to purchase from brands like this, we’re choosing to respect the Earth. 

Sustainability Today, A Healthy Planet Tomorrow

It can be difficult to match your love for fashion with saving the planet, but every day it’s getting brighter. Slow fashion encompasses awareness, cultural identities, choice, quality materials and sustainability. It provides consumers an outlook to freely express themselves through the power of clothing but keeps the Earth healthy, living and vibrant. Poplinen is a brand that understands that in order to flourish, the planet and people need to be put first and work together for a clean future. 

From a young age I always loved fashion and the environment, but I never really knew how they were intertwined. Through conversation with local shops and by supporting brands who prioritize the Earth, you’re choosing to save “our” planet and protect future generations. As someone who’s an avid shopper, there’s no better deal than a sustainable and ethical purchase and a longer lifecycle of Earth. 

It’s 2021, we can break down stereotypes, save the Earth and look good while doing it. 

D.O.B strongly opposes fast fashion and the irresponsibly made, over-production of clothing. We also strongly believe that knowledge is power, and that we can change the way we purchase, care for, and reuse what we wear with the right information and a desire for a better future.

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