What If Every Day Was Earth Day?

What If Every Day Was Earth Day?

Let’s Celebrate and Protect Our Earth Every Day

By Curtis Harding

As with so many things looked at through the lens of nostalgia, the threats to our planet seemed so much simpler when we celebrated the first Earth Day on April 22 1970. All we had to do was clean up trash, cut air pollution, and fix the ozone layer. We started recycling, slashed pollution, and closed the ozone hole. Done!

Except we weren’t. And in the years since, we’ve learned how much larger and more complicated our environmental problems are. 51 years later the threats to our planet, rather than having been solved, seem to be mounting. So the thought of supporting a single day of environmental awareness? How quaint. 

To be clear, Earth Day is still an important and powerful concept. The world’s nations very intentionally signed the Paris Agreement on it in 2016. 

But when we stop and think about the troubles of our Earth, it becomes massive. Caring for our environment isn’t something that happens in one day, nor is it something that’s limited to a single issue. Or even a hundred issues. 

These days, we have no end of things to worry about, and no end of “national days” dedicated to them. We’ve got Buzzards Day, Hippopotamus Day, Oceans Day, Reforestation Day — if it seems like there’s a special day for every day of the year, there is. Are we just getting carried away and overwhelming ourselves with a bunch of random made up days? And if that’s true, how can we confine the idea of Earth Day to a single day, or week, or even month?

One approach to transforming Earth Day into something that we support Everyday is through the choices we make with our dollar. Help make Earth Day an everyday event by supporting businesses that use organic and recycled cotton, drive sustainable & ethical production, and reduce the use of plastics, pesticides and chemicals.

This is why D.O.B supports brands like ONE432 that reduce waste through “made to order” and a transparent, ethical and inclusive supply chain that ultimately promotes a more sustainable future. It’s why D.O.B champions Vustra’s clothing made of organic cotton and low impact dyes, and Everybody World’s line, crafted from biodegradable, recycled cotton. 

Together we can help combat climate change, clean up our waterways, and protect vulnerable species. We can tackle pretty much every environmental day we can dream up, and provide a real, tangible way to support Earth Day, today, tomorrow, and every day of our lives. 

D.O.B cares about our environment every day, and will build awareness of sustainable, inclusive and local issues through the stories of our brands, partners, and our community.

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