Which Celebrities Are Committed To Sustainable Living?

Which Celebrities Are Committed To Sustainable Living?

Celebrities - They’re Just Like Us! (Kinda)

By Curtis Harding

Celebrities supporting environmental causes are nothing new. But it’s a bit trickier to find celebs really, truly dedicated to sustainable living. So why don’t we take a moment to celebrate a few actresses who use not just their money, but their life choices to champion sustainability? 

Rosario Dawson. Having grown up with her family having to salvage and repurpose furniture and materials for their home, Rosario Dawson learned the value of sustainable living early on. It’s something she’s carried her entire life, along with the drive to push for change. 

Dawson’s fought for the planet, raising awareness on the impact of bottles and cans on the environment, and supporting organizations like The Nature Conservancy. She’s even tackled sustainable food production as executive producer and narrator for the documentary The Need to Grow

And when she co-founded Studio 189 with her best friend, Abrima Erwiah, she gave the world a fashion line focused on sustainability, environmentally friendly practices and locally produced pieces. 

Those are values embraced by more and more brands. They’re certainly ones that drive ONE432. Their sustainable pieces are made in Pakistan by local artisans and help sponsor children’s education within the country. With options like these out there, it kind of makes it hard not to support ethical and sustainable lifestyles.  

Cate Blanchett. Few celebs come with sustainable living credentials as burnished as Cate Blanchett’s. When the environmentalist and her husband, Andrew Upton, became the Sydney Theatre Company’s artistic directors, they launched their Greening the Wharf initiative. From solar energy and rainwater harvesting, to environmentally responsible theatre production and community education, they transformed the Sydney monument into a sustainable institution. 

Then there’s her fashion. In 2014, the actress joined the Green Carpet Challenge to showcase sustainable luxury on the red carpet. She pushed things even farther in 2018 by re-wearing a red carpet dress to the Cannes Film Festival. By 2020’s Venice Film Festival, she made sure that every single one of her pieces had been previously worn. 

Fortunately, for the rest of us, reusable fashion doesn’t require red carpet luxury. Not with brands like Altar. In just March of this year, the company took their dedication to sustainability a step farther when they launched an online “Pre-Loved” store. Customers can buy and sell used Altar pieces with the company’s backing and make sure their clothing doesn’t end up rotting in some landfill. Who knows? Maybe Blanchett’s next step is walking down the red carpet in a Pre-Loved dress! 

Emma Watson. It’s hard not to love Emma Watson. I say that not because I love Harry Potter, but because we’ve watched her and her sustainability journey grow in real time. 

While still in college, after learning about the fashion industry’s massive carbon footprint, Watson decided to use her voice for change. The actress first teamed up with People Tree, modeling and designing for the sustainable fashion collection. She then went on to push for ethical production practices as she donned sustainable gowns at red carpet events. 

And after wowing with a dress made from recycled plastic at the 2016 MET Gala, Watson started an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing sustainable fashion labels. She was appointed as the youngest board member of Kerig, the parent company of brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. Her role? Chairing the company’s sustainability committee. 50 points to Gryffindor!

Make Sustainability Part of Your Lifestyle 

With celebrity and cultural shifts towards sustainability, many brands have already taken initiative. Take Vustra, a clothing brand formed after the founders came to their own realizations about the fashion industry’s harmful footprint. Vustra found that what’s traditionally been men’s fashion was still lagging behind with sustainable options. So they filled the gap to ensure everyone has sustainable choices.  

In the end, it’s easy to be inspired by celebrities enthusiastically embracing sustainable living, but we can’t just rely on them to lead the way. We all have options to do our part, whether that’s upcycling furniture, choosing renewable energy sources, or wearing sustainable clothing. So why not get started?

D.O.B believes an ethical & sustainable future is built through our actions today. We welcome new voices and experiences as we build a community dedicated to a better planet, a better human experience, and the possibility of a better tomorrow.

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